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Aquarium.company is a new way of doing aquatic business

With more than 16 years of aquarium manufacturing experience and extensive knowledge of aquariums, focusing on a more dynamic concept and equipping the company with advanced sales team and specialized human resources. To this day, Aquarium.company has remained true to its principles, which have enshrined the motto of "Quality, Service and Innovation" and made it a leading company in aquariums retail sales and service. 

Aquarium.company is a new way of doing aquatic business 

We’ve learned that our customers are environmentally friendly, price conscious and want high quality fish/products. Most would say that those three things are mutually exclusive. However with the support of our customers, we strive to meet these needs. 

Some of the ways we meet these needs are the following:
We buy fish from local breeders when it’s possible.
We only carry products that we believe are quality products. By focusing on great products, we buy in bulk and pass the savings to you.
We love the environment. Our fish bags have been engineered to use less plastic and we encourage all of our customers to reuse packaging our products are carried in. Together, we can protect aquatic ecosystems. 

Our store uses an automatic water change system that allows us to change water on all the tanks at the same time. Each tank is filtered individually and water is never shared between aquariums.
We sterilize our nets between each use to keep our fish healthier.
We’ll be sure to get to know you and your aquarium personally with our small, tight knit team. This helps us to support you better with all of your aquatic decisions.
Aquarium Society Members and enjoy contributing to the philanthropy projects to put aquariums in schools. 

We want to help you track down that rare fish that will complete your tank. Our experts and team will guide you through setting up that new aquarium for your family and are committed to helping you enjoy nature daily. 

It is our philosophy that by combining our love of quality fish/products with locally bred fish and plants; we can create a fun, inviting and sustainable hobby for all to enjoy. We encourage you to come explore Aquarium.company 

We do sell live fish online, however come and visit us at www.aquarium.company 

Our one stop online shop:  https://www.lazada.com.my/shop/aquariumco 

Tel: +6017-259 8120 (whatsapp)

where you’ll could get a chance to find our lovely fish and aquarium equipment. 

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